Guardian Intensive Outpatient Program provides comprehensive, integrated outpatient addiction recovery services to men and women seeking aftercare solutions in our Delray Beach, FL location. Our goal is to build community through clinically-excellent outpatient programming for individuals and their families to establish long-term recovery.

We specialize in providing community-centric, individualized treatment for each of our clients, with highly specialized programming for men, women, older adults and younger adults. Each IOP treatment plan is designed to meet the needs of clients from all walks of life, from the young adult transitioning out of residential treatment to the busy working professional and parent struggling with burnout.

Our program is intensive by nature and structured in a way that challenges our clients to become fully invested in their recovery while experiencing the increased freedom of an outpatient level of care.

While we spend a significant amount time focusing on healing, we also spend time planning for the future–life after treatment. Each client is assigned an experienced, compassionate case manager who designs a logical, sustainable plan for aftercare that helps the client build upon their achievements thus far. While we are proud of all the work we do, we know our clinical aftercare program is really what sets us apart.

Who We Are

As a subsidiary of Guardian Recovery Network, Guardian IOP boasts a team of highly skilled, educated and experienced clinical and medical professionals with combined decades of experience in the substance abuse and mental health fields. We take pride in cultivating a treatment environment where clients can transition from inpatient treatment into long-term recovery. Clients are met with community and an incredibly competent team that is invested in each client realizing his or her full potential.

The Guardian IOP team provides clients with cutting-edge treatment methods and utilizes a multidisciplinary approach that combines a variety of traditional and alternative therapeutic modalities.

We are a community of alumni and staff, many of whom have experienced addiction personally or within their lives, are proof that long-term, lasting recovery is possible. It’s not easy, but it’s possible– and we can help you get there.

Working to Combat Florida’s Opioid Crisis

The opioid epidemic’s grip on the nation is unrelenting, and the effects have been particularly devastating in South Florida; so devastating that Gov. Rick Scott officially declared a state of emergency. In 2016 alone, there were 5,725 opioid-related deaths in Florida, up by 35% from 2015. While opioid overdose deaths in Maine were slightly lower in the first half of 2018 compared to same period 2017, they remain very high.

Now that more federal dollars are being awarded to prevention, treatment and recovery services, there is a renewed sense of hope. Still, funding alone isn’t enough to combat the opioid epidemic. We need these services to work, first and foremost.

We need all-encompassing, evidence-based, informed, ethical treatment programs that provide patients with a clear-cut, sustainable path toward long-term recovery–not just from opioid addiction, but all forms of substance abuse.

About Our Services

Guardian IOP is a proponent of a multi-pronged approach to addiction recovery to give our clients the best possible chance at lasting sobriety. We utilize a range of therapeutic modalities, including:

  • Relapse prevention
  • Life skills training
  • Yoga therapy
  • Age-specific programming
  • Breathwork therapy
  • Equine therapy
  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EDMR)
  • Gender-specific programming
  • Case management
  • Planning for aftercare
  • Educational/vocational assistance

Recovery Can’t Wait

If you or someone you love is struggling with drug addiction or alcoholism, don’t hesitate any longer. Guardian IOP is here to help, regardless of where you are in your journey to long-term recovery. We’re committed to helping our clients as they navigate the entire continuum of care and acquire the skills they need to lead fulfilling, healthy lives in recovery. Contact Guardian IOP at 855.517.1871.