Prescription Drug Take Back Day in Florida and New Jersey

Prescription Drug Abuse and Addiction In recent years, what is now widely known as a nationwide opioid epidemic has devastated the lives of millions of

Staying Sober After a Break-Up

How To Stay Sober After a Break-Up

Breaking Up is Hard to Do There are few things in life as emotionally devastating as breaking up with someone you care for deeply and

How Gratitude Helps Opiate Addiction Recovery

How Gratitude Lists Help Opiate Addiction Recovery

When it comes to maintaining sobriety for any extended period of time, staying grateful is absolutely key. Falling into a deep pit of self-pity can

10 Tips for Staying Positive in Heroin Addiction Recovery

Over the course of the past two decades, heroin abuse and addiction rates have skyrocketed nationwide, and heroin overdose is now one of the leading