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Addiction is the signature public health emergency of the 21st century. Opioid related deaths in Maine are nearly twice that of the national average. The number of cocaine related deaths has been growing since 2013. And while methamphetamine-related deaths first appeared as a statistic in 2017, they have been growing too. Alcohol continues to be a co-factor in the majority of drug-related deaths. Addiction ravishes the lives of individuals, families and entire communities in the United States, but there is hope.

Guardian IOP in Portland offers addiction treatment services Nationwide and to Maine residents including: South Portland, Maine including Falmouth, Westbrook, Scarborough, Cape Elizabeth, Gorham, Yarmouth, Buxton, Saco, Biddeford, Freeport, Standish, Gray, Raymond, Kennebunk, Kennebunkport, Kittery, Wells, North Yarmouth, Bath, Brunswick, Lewiston, Augusta, Cumberland, Camden, Old Orchard and all of Cumberland County.

If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction, you should know there is a way out. Addiction, although complex, is a treatable chronic disease. With the right treatment you or your loved one can avoid the devastating consequences of addiction. Finding the right treatment program is the first step to long term recovery. With the right treatment plan, a healthy, happy life free from dependency on drugs or alcohol is possible.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) Services in Portland, Maine The Guardian IOP addiction treatment center in Portland, Maine is conveniently located within 100 miles from Boston, Massachusetts or Concord, New Hampshire. Our Bishop Street location is a world class facility just minutes from the Maine coast, between I-95 and 295. Our facility maintains relationships with several area sober living homes for clients who need help with local placement.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), any treatment program shorter than 90 days may be considered ineffective. A stay at an inpatient rehabilitation facility would ideally be followed with an outpatient program that continues to support those in recovery with their transition from residential services back to their home life. Outpatient programs are the nexus of successful aftercare programs and can range from daily or weekly individual or group meetings to intensive programs that more closely resemble inpatient rehabilitation. Such programs, called Intensive Outpatient Programs, or IOPs, are intended for clients who need additional structure in their therapeutic settings. Those for whom an IOP is most appropriate have already gone through residential treatment and are seeking a treatment provider who will support their continued recovery for best success in the long term.

Guardian IOP’s Portland, Maine clients receive individualized treatment plans catered to their particular needs and have access to all IOP services we offer throughout their recovery.

Guardian IOP offerings include:

The key difference between residential treatment and an IOP is flexible scheduling. Clients can return home each and every night, and if they have jobs or other obligations treatment can ordinarily be scheduled around those obligations. For people in recovery, IOP can restore a sense of normalcy and routine without sacrificing individualized, intensive treatment.

Freedom and the comforts of home can do wonders for a client who is further along in their recovery and has no need for medical supervision. Increased freedom, however, comes with increased responsibility. This is ideal and necessary for the client who is ready to walk a path towards freedom. It is not for everyone. It is important to consider other options if you believe you or your loved one may struggle with maintaining sobriety while away from treatment. Ideally, clients who choose IOP have safe and supportive living arrangements that are completely free from drug or alcohol use – either with family, or in sober housing arrangements.

There is no set amount of time during which a client is expected to be in IOP – as the amount of time needed varies from person to person. Most people, depending on needs and circumstances, spend somewhere between 10 and 30 hours each week participating in the various offerings of IOP, which equates to attending sessions between three and five days each week, in three to four hour increments.

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