intensive outpatient program

Intensive Outpatient Program

Outpatient programs range from the less structured and more flexible, to the more intense and involved, like Guardian IOP. Guardian IOP is similar to residential treatment in that it is highly structured and intense, with the key differentiator being that instead of living onsite, clients return to their homes each evening.

In the outpatient stage of treatment, clients experience a good deal of freedom compared to other phases of treatment throughout the continuum of care, but with that freedom and flexibility comes greater responsibility. Since our goal is to help our clients achieve and maintain long-term sobriety, we expect everyone–clients and staff alike–to adhere to higher standards of excellence.

An intensive outpatient program can be beneficial in an individual’s recovery journey, but it isn’t for everyone. It’s an ideal type of treatment for an individual who has completed residential treatment and has safe, supportive, sober living arrangements, whether that’s with family or with sober housing.

Individualized Treatment, Continuing Care

At Guardian IOP, clients go through an assessment period before admission. Clinical and medical professionals seek to fully understand each client’s needs so a personalized treatment plan can be designed accordingly. We offer flexible scheduling, as well as specialized tracks for men, women, older adults and younger adults.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse recommends that addiction treatment programs last at least 90 days to enhance the likelihood of long-term sobriety. IOP fits in nicely for those transitioning out of a residential program who want to continue treatment. Guardian IOP clients typically remain in this level of care for 8-12 weeks.

Clients participate in IOP services per their individualized treatment plans and are free to take advantage of the other services we offer. Our IOP services include:

Benefits of an IOP

For some clients and their families, outpatient programs may be more cost-effective than residential treatment. Some insurances cover outpatient programs or require clients to complete an outpatient program before they provide coverage for residential treatment. Guardian IOP Recovery Specialists are well-versed in helping clients understand their insurance benefits. Please feel free to contact us for assistance in clarifying your coverage and payment options.

Guardian IOP is intensive for a reason, but we offer more flexibility than residential treatment. Meetings, sessions and workshops are scheduled throughout the day and evening, which may allow you more time to continue your education, work or be with your family.

The exact amount of time spent at Guardian IOP each week varies from person to person. Depending on a client’s specific needs and schedule, he or she could spend anywhere from 10 to 30 hours a week participating in various programming. Most Guardian IOP clients attend sessions 3-5 days a week in 3-4 hour blocks.

Additionally, Guardian IOP enables clients to experience real-time results. Clients have the unique opportunity to meet other people with similar experiences and long-term goals, and they can put their new skills to use every day when they leave our facility and return home.

A Sensible Step on the Continuum of Care

The road to long-term, lasting recovery isn’t easy, but Guardian IOP can help you along the way. Our IOP is a sensible next step for those who are serious about their recovery and want to continue treatment among highly experienced clinical and medical professionals, as well as other clients who have similar goals. Contact a Recovery Specialist to learn more about how IOP can fit into your long-term recovery plan.