breath work therapy

Breathwork Therapy

Breathwork is the use of controlled breathing techniques designed to achieve a specific goal. Techniques may include slowing down breathing, deep breathing or more rapid, shallow breathing. These techniques are intended to reduce anxiety and stress. Breathwork is supervised by a therapist who is experienced in this practice, and may be done individually or as a group.

Why Guardian Intensive Outpatient Uses Breathwork Therapy

Breathwork therapy is something that anyone can do. It is a tool that can be used at anytime, anywhere. It does not cost money or require any special equipment. Once mastered, it can be done on your own. Breathwork is an important tool for healing and helps intensify the effectiveness of other types of therapy.

How Does Breathwork Therapy Benefit Thosewomen outside during breathwork therapy session Who Are Addicted To Drugs And Alcohol?

Addicts often rely on substances to help them deal with problems such as anxiety, stress, fear and frustration. One of the challenges of recovery is learning how to deal with difficult situations and feelings without resorting to using substances.

One of the goals of treatment is to teach clients alternative ways to solve problems and deal with situations. Breathwork is a tool for solving problems and a solution that can take the place of unhealthy coping skills.

Used in a therapeutic setting, breathwork can assist in relaxation, breaking down barriers and uncovering and processing deeper issues that may be hindering the recovery process.

Breathwork is healing. Addicts come into recovery suffering. Guilt, shame, and fear are common. So are trauma, depression, and anxiety. Addiction treatment needs to address these issues because they are often a major reason for relapse after treatment. Much of drug use is an attempt to self-medicate. Guilt and shame are two areas that are particularly pervasive in addiction, and unfortunately, they often lead to more using. It becomes a vicious cycle. The person uses and feels ashamed and guilty. He or she seeks treatment, and the guilt and shame continue. This often leads to feelings of extreme depression. The person feels hopeless and goes back to using. In order to stop this cycle, the guilt, shame and other negative emotions must be addressed. Therapy can help. Breathwork can provide numerous benefits that help address these issues and give recovering addicts a sense of self-control, something they are often unfamiliar with.

instructor standing among breathwork therapy clients laying on the floor

Breathing is a basic, instinctive act that is both voluntary and involuntary. It happens whether we think about it or not, but it can be controlled.

The simple act of mindful breathing has been shown to lower blood pressure and reduce anxiety. The practice of controlling one’s breath can be very empowering. For a person who has been at the mercy of their turbulent emotions, fear and anxiety, the ability to affect a change in stress levels just by controlling their breathing increases self-efficacy and builds confidence in their ability to handle stressful situations.

Using this mindful breathing during therapy sessions can help the addict learn to work through their trauma and make serious progress in recovering from that trauma. In addition, practicing mindful breathing can also help increase impulse control, which is an important aspect of addiction recovery.

Breathwork And Spirituality

It is said that addiction is a disease of the mind, body and spirit, and many addicts would agree with this statement. Addiction breaks the spirit. In treatment, the spirit can be recovered. Breathwork can help the wounded addict to reconnect with their spiritual selves, and cultivate their own sense of spirituality and strength.

woman outdoors during breathwork therapy sessionFind Out How Guardian IOP Can Help You Stay Sober

Breathwork is just one therapy that is used at our intensive outpatient program. If you or someone you love is dealing with addiction, Guardian IOP can help. We offer individual and group counseling services, holistic treatments, and 12 step immersion. Our center is staffed with warm, caring and experienced providers who are dedicated to helping you succeed. If you are ready to make a change, contact us at 855-517-1871 to schedule a consultation.